Why The Dawn Project is Now Calling for a Boycott of Tesla

The Dawn Project has conclusively proven that Tesla’s self-driving software will:

90% of people agree that a self-driving car that would run down a child crossing the road should be banned from public roads immediately.

So, Tesla’s self-driving software must be taken off the road immediately until all of these problems are fixed.

But the regulators refuse to ban the software, the politicians won’t act because the public hasn’t demanded it, and Tesla continues to ship the defective and dangerous product, even though Elon Musk knows about these flaws.

We have taken out five ads in The New York Times, had hundreds of articles published, and even aired a Super Bowl commercial, but still Tesla refuses to fix the defects or remove the software from the road.

Elon Musk and Tesla did not do as any other respectable company would when presented with concrete evidence of severe safety defects, which is to recall the product until the safety defects are fixed.

The following reasons have not been enough to convince Elon Musk to do the right thing:

  • Morality
  • Empathy for victims
  • Rebukes from regulators
  • Negative publicity

It is now up to you to use your most powerful weapon, cut off Elon Musk’s source of money: Tesla new car sales*. Boycotts have been an effective measure against Elon Musk before on Twitter (X). Tesla car sales are the funds that keep his defective self-driving software on the road and support his other depraved schemes.

Our mission remains the same: get Tesla’s defective self-driving software off the road.


* We are only calling for a boycott on people buying new Teslas. Buying a used Tesla does not put money in Elon’s pocket. We are not asking you to sell your Tesla if you bought it before you knew how awful Elon is. But if you don’t want people to judge you for owning a Tesla, you can buy a bumper sticker here.

Dawn Project ad

Our 2024 Super Bowl Public Safety Announcements

Tesla, regulators and politicians have failed to act, which is why we are urging you to stand up to this egregious public safety concern with two Super Bowl commercials:

We should therefore not be shocked about Tesla’s reckless deployment of unsafe software on our roads.

This disregard for your safety is in line with how Tesla and Musk have treated the public, employees, world leaders, and even animals in Musk’s journey to become the richest man in the world. Musk has profited enormously from this reckless, deceptive and dangerous actions, which must be put to an end. Elon Musk must be held accountable for his actions, which have tragically led to deaths.

The Dawn Project is campaigning to ensure that safety-critical software, such as that which powers self-driving vehicles, is held to the very highest standards of safety, security and reliability. 

We demand that Tesla protects the public, rather than endangering us all. That is why we are calling on the public to boycott Tesla to shut down their reckless self-driving experiment.