Founder of The Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd was interviewed on CNBC discussing the dangers of Tesla Full Self-Driving after The Dawn Project’s live safety tests revealed that Tesla’s self-driving software will run a stop sign and almost cause a collision.

Dan’s interview was broadcast on CNBC on 29 June 2023 and can be viewed here and below:

Dan’s interview follows The Dawn Project’s recent live streamed and recorded safety tests in collaboration with major Tesla investor Ross Gerber, which revealed alarming critical safety defects in Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software. The latest findings, which were streamed live, showed Tesla FSD blow past a stop sign at 35mph and almost T-bone another car in under an hour of organic driving in Santa Barbara, CA. To avoid a collision, Ross Gerber was forced to slam on the brakes and disengage Tesla FSD. A clip of the incident can be found here and below:

Commenting on the viral incident, which has been viewed by over 20 million users on Twitter, Dan said: “This is the worst piece of software I’ve ever seen in a safety critical product. It has horrendous safety defects that are simply intolerable and it is not converging on success. They’re not fixing the problems. They’re just, they’re still there.”

“Seven months ago, I told them that FSD would blow past a school bus with the red lights flashing and the stop sign out. I showed it to them. They didn’t do anything. In February, I made a Super Bowl commercial showing this exact same thing, and they’d ignored it. And in March a kid in North Carolina stepped off a school bus and a Tesla on full, on self-driving Tesla, ran past the flashing lights and ran the kid down and put him in the hospital. And he still is not fully recovered, and they’ve done nothing to fix the fact that it blows past school buses.”