Founder of The Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd was interviewed on CNBC discussing The Dawn Project’s latest Super Bowl commercials calling for the American public to boycott Tesla.

Dan’s interview was broadcast on CNBC on 12 February 2024 and can be viewed here and below:

Dan’s interview follows The Dawn Project’s recent Super Bowl commercials calling on the American public to boycott Tesla, following Tesla’s refusal to fix its dangerous and defective self-driving software.

In relation to Tesla’s Full-Self Driving system, Dan commented:

“It tries to work on all roads, but it does so very poorly. You get in that car and you drive for a while, turning on Full Self-Driving. And after a while it will do something crazy. It’s right there in the manual, it tells you, “it might do the worst thing at the wrong time”, and it does. It will try to steer into oncoming traffic, try to crash into something, drive the wrong way on a roundabout: something very scary.”

When asked about regulatory action surrounding Tesla, Dan noted:

“The recall recently was very mild. A key issue which we’ve highlighted in one of our Super Bowl ads is that there have been a number of lawsuits from people who’ve died, driving with Autopilot, and Tesla has escaped liability, although they’ve been sued a bunch of times, by saying that right on page 119 in the manual it says that you can’t use this on roads with cross traffic, or stop lights, or anything. It can only be used on a freeway.”