Dan O’Dowd is campaigning to make computers safe for humanity. He is starting with calling for a ban on Elon Musk’s so called “Full Self-Driving” software, which is dangerous and a should not be being tested by the public.

See below three of his most recent television advertisements raising awareness of the problems:

1. Unsafe at any speed

Watch as Tesla’s full self-driving software behaves dangerously on public roads, causing drivers to intervene to avoid major crashes:


2. Elon Musk’s broken promises

Listen to Elon Musk promising Robotaxis “next year” for the past 8 years. These have still not yet been delivered and are not even close to being ready:


3. Is Tesla a giant Ponzi scheme?

Dan calls out Elon Musk’s false promises to investors and asks “Elon, is your Full Self-Driving software just a trillion dollar Ponzi scheme?”:


Dan is planning more videos for television and social media and we will post these here in due course.