I debated Warren Redlich (@WR4NYGov) in an X Space on May 11th, 2024. For further background on Warren, see here.

Most people define themselves by their accomplishments, Warren Redlich defines himself by failure. His X handle refers to Warren Redlich (“WR”) running for (“4”) and losing the New York (“NY”) Governor (“Gov”) election in 2010.

Warren is one of the most ineffectual debaters I have encountered.

He seems to think that endless recitation of silly corruptions of his opponent’s name is more effective than powerful, rational, logical arguments based on facts.

When a simple true statement would suffice to support his argument, instead Warren often goes with a stupid lie which destroys his credibility.

Stupid Lie 1: “[Dan] admitted that the human supervised FSD is much safer (2X) than teen drivers on his misinterpretation of the little data he has.”

During the debate he tried to shove this down my throat several times, but I don’t accept that for a minute. My clearly stated position is that supervised FSD is less safe than the worst 16-year-old licensed driver in part because FSD can’t pass the DMV Driver’s test, while the worst 16-year-old with a license did pass the DMV Driver’s test.

He could have said that my logic and the data shows that FSD is safer (2X) than teen drivers.

But instead he chose to lie.

Stupid Lie 2: Warren says I worship Waymo’s results.

I can’t think of any way in which my actions with respect to Waymo’s results could be interpreted as worship.

Let me show you true worship. Warren says “Elon is the greatest human to ever walk this Earth.” He puts Elon Musk above Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Caesar, Charlemagne, etc.

He says he would take a bullet for Elon because Elon is doing more for Warren’s kids than Warren is.

That is some grade-A simp worship.

Stupid Lie 3: “Dano has zero data on @Waymo but worships their results, for which he has no data.”

This is another transparent lie.  I clearly have some data on Waymo, Meta4 has taken 33 rides in Waymo’s without any disengagements.  My team has taken 21 Waymo rides and each was flawless.  When we tried the exact same route with Tesla FSD it required at least one disengagement for each run.

I have many reports from Waymo on the number of miles they have driven without any human input, the number of accidents they have been involved in, and the number of people they have killed (0). This is data. Warren could have said that I have “very little data,” or “insufficient data,” or “meaningless data,” or any number of other derogatory characterizations of my data, which would have served his argument, and not been a lie.  But no, he chose the out-and-out easily proven lie that I have “no data.”

At this point you should realize that everything else Warren says is meaningless hyperbole because he chooses transparent lies over viable arguments.

Stupid Lie 4: “[Dan] does not understand AI/ML/Neural Nets at all.”

Stupid Lie 5: “Zero comprehension of the subject.”

Stupid Lie 6: “Zero interest in learning about it.”

While I acknowledged that I am not an expert in these subjects, we had a discussion of these subjects and I put forward some observations and opinions on this subject.  This discussion clearly showed that I had at least a teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy understanding and comprehension of the subject, and that I had learned a bit about it because I was interested in learning it. Which makes all these statements stupid lies. Every one of these ridiculous lies was completely unnecessary for his argument.  He could have just said I had “very little understanding, comprehension, and interest in AI.”

This guy claims he is a lawyer. His debating skills border on malpractice. I’m glad he wasn’t my lawyer.

Stupid Lie 7: “[Dan has] zero idea what ‘more data, more compute’ means.”

There is that unnecessary “zero” word that makes this another stupid lie.

Stupid Lies 8-10: “He has zero knowledge of Waymo cost, zero safety data, and zero knowledge of their methodology.”

Now Warren is compressing 3 stupid lies into one sentence.

I know the approximate cost of a Waymo, and as I mentioned in the debate, I have safety data that Waymo has published and reported to the California DMV, and I have read about some of Waymo’s methodology on their website.

Stupid Lie 11: “With a full understanding that teen drivers are much more dangerous than supervised FSD.”

He is attributing to me a “full understanding” of something I clearly don’t believe in. What a putz.

Then he goes off on a rant about how to reduce accidents by teen drivers, much of which wasn’t in our debate.

“Dano DooDoo would rather let a million people a year die forever so that he can avoid learning how machine learning could solve this problem.

How old is Warren? Seven? Who is stupid enough to be influenced by him calling me “Dano DooDoo?” The Cult?

Warren has gone completely off the rails here.  But to be fair to little Warry, he is just parroting the god he worships: Elon Musk.  Elon berates anyone who tries to question Full Self-Driving by saying that they are delaying FSD and are therefore responsible for killing millions of people. This demagoguery is the Cult’s rationalization that everyone must follow what Elon says, because FSD will save millions of lives.  There is no solid evidence that FSD (which Tesla admits is not self-driving) will save any lives. Tesla is clearly years behind Waymo, because Waymo has self-driving while FSD doesn’t after 10 years of abject failure.

Every year for the last 10 years Elon Musk has promised full autonomy within a year or so.  Every year Elon announces a new “mind blowing” release that will soon reach full autonomy.  But it never does. Instead, it tries to kill people, like every previous release. 

Elon makes up a goal he can’t reach: full autonomy (FSD), an even more affordable electric car (Tesla), make the blind see (NeuraLink), end poverty (Optimus), eliminate LA traffic jams (Boring), a million people on Mars (SpaceX). Then he uses the purported future benefits of his fantasy to justify costs and abuses today. This is how Elon Musk justifies putting self-driving cars riddled with safety defects into the hands of millions of consumers and telling them it will make them 4 times safer than a human driver, when it actually makes them less safe than the worst 16-year-old drivers.

Stupid Lie 12: “Dano thinks that any time anyone chooses to drive rather than use FSD, it’s because they think it’s unsafe.”

Warren said he knows what I think. He is not capable of that. Of course, I believe that some people just like to drive sometimes and don’t want to be chauffeured. That makes his statement a stupid lie. He could have made his point without lying by saying that it appears that I think something.  That is his opinion.  But no, Warren seems to always prefer the transparent lie.

Stupid Lie 13: “Dan is a biased crank who is committed to believing what he believes and is incapable of considering that he might be wrong about any of this.”

This stupid person keeps claiming to know what I believe! It seems more likely that Warren’s simpish worship of Elon Musk requires him to be committed to believing whatever nonsense Elon Musk says and is incapable of considering that Elon Musk might be wrong.

The only reason I can see for Warren to have included item 9 in his post, the “odd detail”, that I did not participate in teaching my kids to drive is some insinuation that I am a bad or uninvolved parent. My father didn’t teach me to drive, I signed up for Drivers Ed at my high school, just like my children did. We were taught to drive by professional driving instructors.

Stupid Lie 14: Dano does not understand the concept of a biased sample or small sample size.

This is pretty hilarious given that I am a professional testing engineer, with a degree in engineering, who develops and tests software for nuclear weapons systems, commercial airliners, and IT infrastructure for intelligence agencies, and Warren Redlich is a room temperature IQ lawyer.

Stupid Lies 15-17: “Dano will pretend to be greatly offended by these conclusions that are readily apparent from our recorded conversation.”

As I have clearly demonstrated, your conclusions are not readily apparent from our recorded conversation. They are stupid lies.

I am not greatly offended. I am amused that you think you are a smart person. Typical for a stupid person.

I am not pretending anything.

Warren is heavily invested in Tesla stock.  Elon Musk has said that Tesla without FSD is worth basically zero.  So everyone who knows that FSD is not safe and will not be safe soon, knows that FSD is worth basically zero, too. Therefore, Tesla is worth basically zero.  Elon Musk, Warren, and the rest of the Elon Cult are desperate to suppress this information before it reaches the public, Tesla shareholders, short sellers, and regulators.  That is why they spread vile lies to discredit anyone who criticizes FSD. All they want to do is make money on their Tesla stock by having Tesla sell defective self-driving software to consumers and tell them it will make their families 4 times safer, when in fact it will make them less safe.  Disgusting.

That should be sufficient to convince a non-Cultist that Warren Redlich is a pathological liar, stupid, and corrupt.

Is this really the best representative the Cult can put forward?