Tesla’s Dangerous Precedent

No Accountability Now, None in the Future.

Tesla’s Dangerous Precedent

No Accountability Now, None in the Future.


Demand Accountability & Safety For Our Communities

No parent should face the loss of a child, and no community should grieve lives cut short by technology meant to protect us. This, however, is the reality with Tesla’s self-driving software. Operating without the rigorous safety standards required of fully autonomous vehicles, these vehicles have already taken too much from us.

The Solution: Accountability

Don’t allow Tesla’s dangerous self-driving cars on the road if they don’t stop for school buses, children crossing the road, or navigating complex driving situations. Over 90% of Americans believe that technology this defective should be immediately banned from public roads.

Tesla is setting a dangerous precedent, allowing not only these cars to potentially harm you and your children but also permitting future technologies to do the same.

Tesla’s Claims Put to the Test

Tesla claims that its self-driving technology makes people four times safer when it is engaged.

But, The Dawn Project has found that Tesla’s self-driving Artificial Intelligence is actually a far worse driver than the average 16 year old. It can’t pass a DMV driver’s test. After taking a ride in a self-driving Tesla, most people say that this technology should be banned from public roads.

Now it’s time for Sacramento legislators to judge for themselves.

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    Get in the Car

    Starting April 9th – 11th, The Dawn Project will be in Sacramento offering policy makers a 30 minute ride in a self-driving Tesla.

    The Dawn Project, founded by Dan O’Dowd, a world-renowned software engineer who is relied on by organizations such as Boeing and NASA to develop software that can’t be hacked and never fails, will offer rides in a self-driving Tesla to state legislators, regulators and senior government officials showcasing the risks posed by this untested technology and emphasizing the necessity for rigorous safety standards.

    Help Us Create Accountability: Witness the Danger

    Event Info: Tell your local legislator to WITNESS THE DANGER. Starting April 9th – 11th.

    Demand Accountability & Safety For Our Communities!

    Your Voice Matters

    Don’t let another family suffer. Demand safety, action, and accountability.

    Join Us. Protect Our Future. Act Now.

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