New safety tests conducted by The Dawn Project reveal that Tesla Full Self-Driving does not obey ‘Road Closed’ and ‘Do Not Enter’ signs, and finds that Elon Musk’s Full Self-Driving software repeatedly ignores these important road safety signs.  

The safety tests were conducted in controlled conditions by The Dawn Project in Goleta, California in October 2022, using the latest version of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta software available at the time of testing, Full Self-Driving Beta

The Dawn Project conducted the test five times. In each test, Tesla Full Self-Driving failed to obey and drove between two ‘Do Not Enter’ and two ‘Road Closed’ signs on each side of the vehicle. The Tesla had room to recognise and stop for the signs in each test.

The safety tests prove beyond doubt that Tesla Full Self-Driving will repeatedly ignore ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Road Closed’ signs.

On each run, the internal camera shows the viewer that Full Self-Driving is clearly engaged, together with which settings the Tesla is operating. An LED flashlight was illuminated to clearly show that the accelerator pedal was not pressed during each of the safety tests. Please note that the LED flashlight created a strobe effect with the in-car camera, which causes it appear to flash on the camera.

During the above tests, the only error message shown on the Tesla’s display reads: “Supercharging Unavailable: Add a payment method to your Tesla account”:

To view the footage of the above tests, watch the video below:

And to see The Dawn Project’s safety tests of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10.12.2 failing to obey ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Road Closed’ signs, watch this video: