On X.com, Omar Qazi is one of the most prolific and enthusiastic posters about Elon Musk, Tesla, and Musk’s other companies. He often breaks news about upcoming products, features, release dates, and announcements before the press hears about it. The Wall Street Journal named him the person whose tweets Elon Musk most often responds to

Omar is the leader of Elon Musk’s X.com Cult army. He ruthlessly enforces Elon Musk’s positions on X. Through his control of the Musk Cult Army he controls Community Notes, the purported source of truth on X.  I have received a stack of Community Notes on my X posts that are ridiculously false. Many of them contain spelling & grammar errors that are typical of quickly dashed off posts, not of well-researched carefully reviewed statements of fact that Community Notes purport to be.

Omar Qazi is a pathological liar.  He cares nothing for the truth. He only cares about pumping up the value of his Tesla stock.  He makes up the most scurrilous lies from whole cloth and broadcasts them across the Internet to intimidate those who question Musk’s genius.

For instance, knowing almost nothing about me, he published a vicious attack on me and promulgated it to his Cult army directing them to attack me from all directions to attempt to suppress my reporting on safety defects in Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software. In his attack he said the following things about me:

  • “so sick that corporate profits matter more … than human lives”
  • “sick sadistic person”
  • “callously disregard human life”
  • “hands covered in blood”
  • “put corporate profits over human lives”
  • “never been afraid to let a few people die if he can make a few bucks in the process”
  • “cause car crashes”
  • “a billionaire trading in murder”
  • “incompetent software company”
  • “dying business”
  • “blood on his hands”
  • “sick person”
  • “For 30 years, millions of people have died because of Green Hills sheer incompetence”
  • “putting the public at risk to save their dying automotive business”
  • “let people die like Green Hills Software has for decades”
  • “putting corporate profits over the lives of people you love”
  • “He’s ashamed that he’s made money taking lives”

Elon Musk’s standard process for suppressing anyone of influence who makes comments unfavorable to him or one of his companies is for him to make an unfavorable post about them on X to his 150 million followers. This message will inevitably reach almost everyone through reposts and published articles. This is the signal to Omar Qazi to fabricate a torrent of vile lies about the target to feed to the Musk Cult Army and lead them to smear the target’s reputation at every turn. One aim is to get the target fired from their job by harassing their employer until the employer decides that keeping someone who attracts so much negative attention in their employ isn’t worth the hassle of being targeted by the Cult Army.

If a direct attack on the target and their employer doesn’t work, they threaten endless debilitating litigation against the target and their employer. A successful defense against Elon Musk’s “street fighter lawyers” can easily bankrupt the target. It’s easier for the target to just back down than to engage the richest man in the world in a street fight legal battle.

Omar said of my first full page ad in the New York Times: “the very first line of the ad is a bold faced lie.”  The very first line of the ad is “DON’T BE A TESLA CRASH TEST DUMMY.”  It is not a statement of fact or even opinion, it can’t be a lie.

Omar called me a racist. Then he didn’t provide any evidence.

After a BMW iX crashed in Germany, reportedly while operating autonomously, Omar baselessly claimed that Green Hills Software was to blame, and insinuated that I should “apologize” for what I had apparently done. 

When questioned as to whether the iX was even driving autonomously in the first place, Omar said that “even if it wasn’t engaged I will blame Dan O’Dowd anyway”. Omar knows he is making up completely false allegations, but spreads them far and wide anyway. He is a pathological liar. 

Shortly after the incident, BMW confirmed that the crash had involved one of its models but said the car in question had no self-driving capabilities. Furthermore, Green Hills Software does not make self-driving software of any kind, and had nothing to do with this tragic incident.

After I showed the world that Tesla Full Self-Driving would run down a child in the road, Omar’s blatant lies reached new heights. He completely fabricated an allegation that “vehicle logs confirm that @RealDanODowd held down the accelerator pedal to make his commercial.” I wasn’t in the car, Omar had no access to the vehicle’s logs, and I obtained a sworn affidavit from the driver confirming that he didn’t hold down the accelerator pedal.

Despite having nothing to back his completely fabricated claims, Omar doubled down, ironically claiming that I had lied and calling me a “sick and twisted old man”. He continued, slandering Green Hills Software and claiming that my company kills people “on purpose” through weapons deals.

Omar’s personal attacks have become increasingly vitriolic in recent months, as he desperately tries to combat my tests of Tesla’s defective Full Self-Driving software with slander. In a debate I had with him on a Twitter Spaces Call in June 2023 in which I answered a plethora of questions from Omar over Green Hills Software’s products, services and customer base, he said “there’s a special place in hell for you”, and that “what you’re doing is really a horrible thing”. 

Omar continued with his tirade, claiming that because Green Hills Software works with car manufacturers who aren’t Tesla, I am responsible for “letting literally over a million people die every year”. 

After a teenager getting off a school bus was hit by a Tesla reportedly in self-driving mode, Omar rushed to Tesla’s defense by fabricating a ridiculous claim that I was responsible, and called for a ban on Green Hills Software. 

His tweet was clearly a fabrication, showing how low Omar will stoop to ignore the critical safety defects in the software he relentlessly and blindly promotes.

When challenged and presented with hard evidence of Tesla’s many safety defects, Omar and his Cult Army’s response is to brand these fake, even lashing out and launching baseless insults and accusations against me. When The Washington Post reported on the true scale of the death toll of Tesla’s self-driving software and revealing that FSD had been active in a crash involving a child leaving a school bus in North Carolina, Omar’s response was to blame the journalist and myself for the death toll of Full Self-Driving, in a feat of incredible mental gymnastics. He lashed out that “he’s killing people not saving them”, branding us as “clowns” when presented with irrefutable evidence of Tesla’s safety defects. Omar attempts to square the circle that when a Tesla on self-driving mode runs down a child exiting a school bus, which we warned Tesla about in a New York Times advert and Super Bowl commercial, it is somehow the fault of those drawing attention to these alarming safety defects.

Omar has relentlessly accused Green Hills Software of being responsible for public disasters (like Boeing 737 MAX) that Green Hills Software had nothing to do with.

When challenged by one observer, he again failed to produce any evidence and quietly admitted that he knew the claims were false:

Omar Qazi launched a vicious tirade accusing me of being a “sick fuck” for murdering “two planes full of people.” He was referring to the 737 MAX crashes that were ultimately blamed on the MCAS system that Green Hills Software had nothing to do with.

Omar’s diatribe spurred on his followers, who made further defamatory statements against me and my company. One of them even falsely edited the Wikipedia page for Boeing’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), the system that caused the two fatal plane crashes, to state that Green Hills Software developed the system. 

After editing the Wikipedia page to include a blatant lie, the cult members led by Omar began to cite the page as gospel. Wikipedia deleted the spurious addition several hours later. 

One month later, Omar again made baseless and unproven statements about the safety of Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Real Time Operating System following the crash of an F-35 in South Carolina. Despite the fact that there was no indication that a software issue was to blame for the incident, Omar claimed that the F-35 “malfunctioned due to crappy Green Hills Software.” 

Other Tesla fanboys jumped at the opportunity to publicly slander me and Green Hills Software, despite knowing that there was absolutely nothing to support their baseless claims. Warren Redlich spuriously said that “we can blame the crash on @RealDanODowd”, while Corbin Williams claimed my software brought the plane down. 

Just two days later, Omar backtracked after facing backlash, even from the Cult Army,  for posting spurious and unproven allegations and attempted to claim that he never called me responsible for the crash: “Never said he’s responsible. Just noting the crash that happened with his “never fails” software”, despite clearly stating this in his original post. 

Warren similarly backtracked, claiming that he and the other fanboys “weren’t lying, we were mocking you”, while Corbin even said that “we make up random bullshit regarding Green Hills Software.” 

The Tesla fanboys are trying to silence me, and all other opposition to Elon Musk at any cost, but their lies are being exposed in front of the world. Omar and the other cultists are panicking, lashing out with baseless claims in a desperate attempt to undermine me. 

Omar Qazi has stooped to outlandish lies and said, “For 30 years, millions of people have died because of Green Hills sheer incompetence and failure to bring automated vehicle technology to market.”  This shows his absolute contempt for the truth. 

When a Cruise robotaxi was involved in a collision in San Francisco, Omar said it was my fault, referenced my “sick agenda” and lied that the pedestrian was hospitalized because of me. This was despite almost every major media organization reviewing the onboard footage of the incident and concluding that the Cruise was not a fault for the unavoidable collision following the hit and run by a human driver.

He publicly stated that a report of “possible hacking vulnerabilities in the generator control unit” in the 787 disproves my claim of software that never fails and can’t be hacked.  He knows nothing about my software yet he spouts total fabrications ungrounded in any facts as proof.

Omar claims that I deceive and confuse people by subtly using fancy words like “unassisted” at the start of a sentence.

He has spuriously claimed that I drive like a “maniac” around my neighborhood, despite showing a clearly-faked email which has never been substantiated by video evidence he claimed to have.

Omar claims that he always keeps his hands on the wheel when he’s using Autopilot and FSD, something that his own videos show is demonstrably false

Omar has called me a “pathological liar”, saying that I am “organizing a smear campaign against Tesla”, and has encouraged the Cult Army to flood my public statements with claims that I have a conflict of interest because I do business with Tesla’s competitors (other auto companies). But all (or nearly all) of the Cult members who viciously attack Tesla skeptics with vile fabrications own Tesla stock. That is the greatest conflict of interest possible. Their statements about Tesla should always be viewed skeptically. 

The Cult Army repeatedly claims that my company makes self-driving software that competes directly with Tesla and will be put out of business when FSD succeeds. My company doesn’t make self-driving software.

The Cult Army says I have a financial interest in Lidar companies. I don’t.

The Cult Army says I have sold Tesla stock short.  I have never had any position in Tesla stock or any derivative.

They say I fake my tests of Full Self-Driving.  I invite Tesla, Omar, the Cult Army, the media, and the regulators to observe and verify the validity of our tests. None of the Cult members have accepted my invitation.

Omar Qazi is a pathological liar. He will say anything to suppress anyone who won’t toe Elon Musk’s party line.  He will have his mob send wave after wave of propaganda against anyone who won’t back down. He is a despicable person, undeserving of respect.