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Founder of the Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd Challenges Elon Musk to Publicly Test a Self-Driving Tesla to Determine If It Will Run Down a Child.

Santa Barbara, CA – History will remember it as the “Bout to End All Doubt.” Today tech billionaire and safety engineer Dan O’Dowd is challenging Elon Musk to take part in a public safety test of his Full Self-Driving Tesla.

On August 9, The Dawn Project, a safety advocacy and research organization founded by Dan O’Dowd, announced that it had run tests that showed that a Full Self-Driving Tesla would run over a small child. The accompanying report provided a detailed description of the tests so anyone could reproduce the results. But instead of exactly reproducing the tests and reporting the results, Tesla sent a letter threatening litigation, citing only hearsay to support claims that our tests were “misinformation”, “seriously deceptive,” and “likely fraudulent.”

This issue will finally be settled by a public demonstration of Tesla Full Self-Driving’s safety defects in a rigorous test in front of the world with cameras everywhere, every detail checked by all parties. Everyone is invited: Elon Musk, his entourage, his lawyers, his engineers, everyone in the media, regulators, politicians, pundits, fanboys, and the public.

O’Dowd made the following statement challenging Musk to join The Dawn Project for a public test of Tesla FSD:

 “Elon, this is for all the marbles. It’s time to bet your product, your technology, your reputation, your credibility, your engineering prowess against mine. Are you brave enough to come out and defend your product?”

 “Is Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software as Elon Musk says: ‘Amazing,’ will it ‘Blow your Mind,’ is it the most advanced driverless car technology that will save millions of lives, will it be ‘safer than any human driver can achieve’? Or is Full Self-Driving, as I say, the most incompetently designed, implemented, and tested commercial software I have ever seen, stone knives and bearskin technology compared to the leading autonomous driving companies, and soon headed for the trash heap of history?”

“Will Full Self-Driving save lives or does it try to kill its driver, passengers, and innocent bystanders? Is Full Self-Driving going to live up to its name this year, or will Elon Musk’s pronouncements of full autonomous driving within a year end in failure — as they have for the last eight years? It’s time to find out.”