Omar Qazi (@WholeMarsBlog), the leader of Elon Musk’s Full Self-Driving propaganda operation, constantly publishes tweets claiming that Full Self-Driving (FSD) is “really fucking good” and “arguably flawless”. Omar often makes announcements like “FSD BETA IS READY FOR ROBOTAXI!!!!!!!”, while publishing propaganda videos showing zero-intervention drives, where he never touches  the steering wheel or pedals as FSD drives him from place to place without any issues.

@WholeMarsBlog was identified by The Wall Street Journal as the Twitter account Elon Musk most often replies to. Omar always seems to be aware of internal Tesla FSD news before the general public. He is among the first to get new releases. And somehow, like Elon Musk, FSD does not require him to ever touch the steering wheel, even though it appears he doesn’t use a wheel weight. Some, including NHTSA, have speculated he has access to the recently discovered “Elon Mode”.

What we want to know is how Omar achieves the long flawless drives in San Francisco that he frequently publishes, such as this video published September 25, 2023. Most commentators on his X posts note that when they try similar drives where they live they are unable to achieve zero-intervention drives. 

Many people have speculated that since there are far more Teslas in California than anywhere else, FSD may be better trained to California roads and weather than elsewhere. But where we are located, in Santa Barbara, California, we get the same terrible results as everywhere else. So, FSD certainly isn’t optimized for all of California. 

Maybe FSD is only optimized for Omar’s (and FSD’s) hometown, San Francisco. But we tried FSD in San Francisco and found that it performed just as poorly in San Francisco as it did in Santa Barbara. So San Francisco isn’t the answer.

Maybe Omar cherry-picked routes that he found FSD was particularly good at. So we decided to replicate Omar’s routes exactly like he did them. Same starting point, same destination, same route, same version of FSD (11.4.7). And it was awful. It tried to run a red light, it put pedestrians at risk before stopping in the middle of an intersection, and then, just after we finished Omar’s route and took the same road back, it ran a stop sign.

Never once did we manage to replicate one of Omar’s hallowed zero-intervention drives.

Once you have eliminated all that is impossible then whatever remains must be the truth.

The only conclusion we can come to is that Omar tries many runs of his cherry-picked routes until the traffic and weather conditions are just right, and he gets lucky, resulting in a zero-intervention drive. He then publishes this cherry-picked video of a zero-intervention drive, presenting it as proof that FSD is ready for full autonomy, when the truth is FSD is a pile of trash that Omar says “will at some point randomly try to kill you”. FSD makes driving much more stressful, even Omar complains about it. FSD drives like a drunk teenager, or as Omar describes it, FSD “is like having a moron with three brain cells drive your car”. And all the while, Omar publishes promotional videos claiming FSD is amazing. 

We have repeatedly invited Omar and other FSD promoters to come to Santa Barbara to verify the results of our tests that show that FSD is terrible. Instead, they claim our tests are faked, then they refuse our invitation, because they know if they accepted, it would validate our claims. 

We have offered to come to San Francisco and have Omar drive his car on his routes with multiple cameras recording. He has refused because he knows that his deception will be uncovered.

No one should believe anything that Omar, the pathological liar, says.