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Press highlights from The Dawn Project's campaign to make computers safe for humanity

Tesla sells ‘Self-Driving’ cars. Is it fraud?

11 July 2024

A growing number of investigations and legal complaints are targeting Tesla’s claims that its cars are “Full Self-Driving,” scrutinizing the company’s decisions to brand and market its suite of driver-assistance technologies for evidence of potential fraud.

Safety must come before the interests of Big Tech

13 June 2024

Founder of The Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd writes for The Times of London commenting on the passage of the UK Automated Vehicles Act, arguing that the United Kingdom is correct to place liability on the manufacturers of self-driving vehicles rather than adopting Tesla’s ‘blame the driver’ approach.

Tesla’s Autopilot linked to more crashes even after massive recall

26 April 2024

Founder of The Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd comments on NHTSA investigating whether Tesla’s December recall of its driver monitoring system was effective in The Washington Post.

Is Elon Musk still good for Tesla?

5 March 2024

Problems are piling up in Elon Musk’s empire, but the boss is undeterred. Some now see the eccentric multi-billionaire at the top as more of a liability than an asset. Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” software is immature and extremely dangerous, says O’Dowd. It drives the car “like a drunk teenager.” The billionaire has made this fight his mission.

Dawn Project Founder: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature is dangerous

15 February 2024

Founder of The Dawn Project Dan O’Dowd joined Liz Claman on Fox Business to discuss The Dawn Project’s recent Super Bowl LVIII commercials and the dangers of Tesla’s self-driving software.

Self-driving car backlash: What you need to know

12 February 2024

Dan O’Dowd, The Dawn Project founder, joined ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss Tesla Autopilot safety concerns and public backlash.

Tesla didn’t run a Super Bowl ad. But a tech CEO calling for a boycott of the carmaker did

12 February 2024

“When you buy a new Tesla you are financing and enabling Elon Musk to put a dangerous, unfinished, product on our public roads,” The Dawn Project founder Dan O’Dowd told Business Insider.

‘Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

11 February 2024

For a second year, Tesla critic Dan O’Dowd funds ad campaign criticizing the company’s driver-assistance software.

Tech CEO calls for Tesla boycott over self-driving capabilities in Super Bowl ad campaign

11 February 2024

“Tesla has failed time and time again to address the failings in its defective self-driving software,” O’Dowd said Sunday in a statement.

‘Boycott Tesla’ Super Bowl ads target self-driving technology

11 February 2024

A pair of Super Bowl ads went after Tesla’s self-driving technology on Sunday, asking viewers to boycott the company and claiming that its vehicles are unsafe. The Dawn Project’s ads follow a 2023 Super Bowl ad campaign, which featured an Autopilot-driven Tesla mowing down child-sized dummies in a parking lot.

Recalling almost every Tesla in America won’t fix safety issues, experts say

18 December 2023

Tesla critic Dan O’Dowd, who has pushed for the company’s software to be banned through his advocacy group the Dawn Project, said the recall fell short.

The California tech executive taking on Tesla

9 November 2023

O’Dowd is taking California lawmakers on the road — showing them what he says are the failures of the system’s safety features and urging them to take action.

Tech activist says his ‘teddy bear test’ proves Teslas are too lethal to be on the road

3 August 2023

It’s the latest salvo from activist organization the Dawn Project, which publishes videos aimed at showing how badly Tesla’s automated driving technology can behave. Dan O’Dowd, the wealthy, tech-savvy activist who founded and self-funds the Dawn Project, said he wants to ensure that “the safety-critical systems that everyone’s life depends on are fail-safe and can’t be hacked.”

Dan O’Dowd on Tesla Full Self-Driving: This software has ‘horrendous safety defects’

29 June 2023

Ross Gerber, Kawasaki Gerber president and Dan O’Dowd, Green Hills Software CEO, join ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss Tesla’s full self-driving controversy.

Twitter is “descending into an Elon-censored echo chamber” – Tesla critic BANNED from using Twitter Ads

10 July 2023

Elon Musk has been accused of “hypocritical” censorship after a top critic of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) software was banned from using Twitter Ads.

“I disengaged” – Terrifying moment Tesla nearly blows past a stop sign into oncoming traffic during a test of its self-driving system in California

25 June 2023

This is the terrifying moment a self-driving Tesla in California nearly blew a stop sign and slammed into oncoming traffic.

“A product that tries to kill someone every hour should never be sold to consumers, let alone be allowed onto our public roads” –  The Curious Case of Tesla’s Full Self Driving Software and the Confusing Corner

28 June 2023

“The results of our leisurely drive corroborate The Dawn Project’s previous findings, which show that Tesla’s Full Self Driving software sometimes does not register basic safety-critical road signs,” O’Dowd told Barron’s

One of Tesla’s biggest critics is funding a Super Bowl ad against it

11 February 2023

O’Dowd’s Super Bowl ad is the first volley in a broader new media campaign that will target lawmakers across the country.

“It’s actually pathetically bad technology” – Tesla CEO Elon Musk Is Betting the Farm on a Product That Doesn’t Work Yet

1 May 2023

O’Dowd said FSD has “so many bugs” and shouldn’t be shipped to drivers just because they are required to watch out and keep FSD from doing potentially dangerous things.

Tesla recalling 362,758 cars with Full Self-Driving mode due to crash risk

16 February 2023

The company has been under fire for years from critics who say using the software is a risk to public safety.

One critic even spent $600,000 on a Super Bowl commercial that ran in regional markets to show FSD Teslas running over child-size dummies.

Tesla issues recall of cars with ‘Full Self-Driving’ over crash risk

16 February 2023

Meanwhile, regulatory and public scrutiny has mounted since Full Self-Driving’s wide release: the Justice Department has requested documents related to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, Tesla confirmed in a regulatory filing last month, and a Tesla critic funded a Super Bowl commercial highlighting alleged flaws with the software.

“Tesla’s Full Self-Driving is endangering the public with deceptive marketing and woefully inept engineering.” – Super Bowl ad slams Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ tech

13 February 2023

The commercial, which will be aired in Washington, DC, Austin, Tallahassee, Albany, Atlanta and Sacramento does not paint Tesla in the best light

California billionaire ramps up attack on Elon Musk’s Tesla with Super Bowl ad

13 February 2023

The ad is the latest in what has been a yearlong campaign by tech executive Dan O’Dowd to have Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology, or FSD, barred from the roads and push lawmakers to increase scrutiny of the technology’s safety

Watch the biggest ads from Super Bowl LVII

12 February 2023

The ad, funded by the organization Dawn Project, features videos of Tesla self-driving cars running over baby carriages and a mannequins of a child, as well as blowing past traffic signs and school buses

Super Bowl ad shows Elon Musk’s Tesla cars crashing and ‘killing children’

12 February 2023

A California tech entrepreneur has stepped up his campaign to ban Tesla’s planned full self-driving technology by taking out a television advert during Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

Tech billionaire wages war on ‘safety’ of self-driving Teslas

18 November 2022

Elon Musk has made many enemies but perhaps few are as determined as Dan O’Dowd.

The Tech CEO Spending Millions to Stop Elon Musk

13 November 2022

Dan O’Dowd says Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software shouldn’t be on the road. He’ll keep running over test dummies until someone listens.

Meet the Reclusive Software Billionaire Attacking Elon Musk

27 May 2022

Dan O’Dowd, a software entrepreneur in California, is running for Senate on a single-issue platform: Tesla’s self-driving software.

Tesla’s self-driving technology fails to detect children in the road, tests find

9 August 2022

Safe technology campaigners release ‘disturbing’ video advert showing car in Full Self-Driving mode hitting child-sized mannequin

Bill targeting Tesla’s ‘self-driving’ claims passes California Legislature

31 August 2022

In an interview with The Times, [Senate Transportation Committee Chair Lena] Gonzalez said she and fellow legislators are puzzled at the DMV’s slow response to Tesla’s advertising claims.

“Are we just going to wait for another person to be killed in California?” she said.

Why are Tesla fanatics putting their children in the path of moving cars?

23 August 2022

It is incredibly misleading to describe a driver-assist feature that requires an attentive human driver at all times in order to safely function as “full self-driving” technology

Tesla demands removal of video of cars hitting child-size mannequins

25 August 2022

Tesla is demanding an advocacy group take down videos of its vehicles striking child-size mannequins.

The commercial led to a surge of news articles and criticism of Tesla’s software, which is being tested in an early-release version by more than 100,000 users on public streets in countries including the United States and Canada. It also triggered blowback from Tesla supporters who said the test could have been manipulated. Some of them sought to re-create the demonstrations — sometimes involving real children — in an effort to show that Tesla’s software does actually work.

Tesla wants videos of its cars running over child dummies taken down by safety group

25 August 2022

The group, the Dawn Project, has launched a nationwide TV campaign warning of alleged potential dangers of what Tesla calls “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) software, adding to public and regulatory scrutiny of the technology.

Two lawmakers ask U.S. regulator about Tesla crashes, safety probes

11 August 2022

U.S. Senator Gary Peters and Representative Jan Schakowsky, both Democrats, said in the letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they were concerned that “federal investigations and recent reporting have uncovered troubling safety issues” at Tesla.

Self-driving zealots should not put cars above people

15 August 2022

It was a request that raised eyebrows, even in the Tesla fan community: “Is there anyone in the Bay Area with a child who can run in front of my car on Full Self-Driving Beta to make a point? I promise I won’t run them over.”

Don’t Use Your Kids to Test Tesla’s Safety Features, NHTSA Warns

17 August 2022

US auto-safety regulators have a message for Tesla Inc. owners intending to use their children to test automated-driving technology: Don’t.

Tesla threatens to sue critic over ads showing its car hitting kid-sized mannequin

25 August 2022

O’Dowd said in a call with CNBC on Thursday: “I don’t care what he calls me. When is he going to acknowledge and fix the bugs that are in the system? These problems have been demonstrated. What he should do now is to disable FSD.”

YouTube removes video by Tesla investors using kids in FSD Beta test

19 August 2022

YouTube has removed a pair of videos from its platform which showed Tesla drivers conducting amateur vehicle safety tests using their own children in place of mannequins in the road or the driveway.

The tests were to determine if a slow-moving Tesla equipped with the company’s latest driver assistance systems would automatically avoid colliding with pedestrians — in this case children — walking or standing still in the road.

Elon Musk and Tesla Face a Surprise and Tough Opponent

26 August 2022

However, the billionaire and his company have been facing an unprecedented adversary for several days, whose attacks are likely to tarnish the reputation of their product of the future: the driver-assistance system.

‘Deeply disturbing’ video appears to show a Tesla in full self-driving mode repeatedly running over a child-sized mannequin in ‘controlled test conditions’

9 August 2022

A ‘deeply disturbing’ video claims to show a Tesla in full self-driving mode running over a child-size mannequin during a test by a safety campaign group.

California tech CEO and Tesla critic releases video showing the company’s Full Self-Driving system crashing into a child-sized mannequin

9 August 2022

Tesla’s autonomous driving system repeatedly crashed into a child-sized mannequin during a non-regulatory test published this week.

He wants to destroy Elon Musk. He could end up endangering the Dems’ Senate plans.

16 April 2022

A California software magnate is preparing to spend potentially millions of his own dollars on a brutal crusade to take down Elon Musk —and he’s doing it all as part of a quixotic and below-the-radar campaign for the U.S. Senate

California tech CEO and Tesla critic releases video showing the company’s Full Self-Driving system crashing into a child-sized mannequin

9 August 2022

A video shows a Tesla crashing into a child-sized mannequin while using Tesla Full Self-Driving.

The Dawn Project Pays for Test to Show FSD Doesn’t Brake for Kids

9 August 2022

The Dawn Project is airing TV ads starting on August 9 that shows clips of these tests and the results.

The Billionaire Running for US Senate to Ban Elon Musk’s Self-Driving Cars

2 May 2022

California Senate candidate Dan O’Dowd will not talk about taxes. Or homelessness. Or climate change. Or inflation. Or housing. Or jobs. All he will talk about is how much he hates Tesla’s self-driving cars and the existential threat computers pose to humanity.

California tech titan’s Senate run has one target: Tesla’s self-driving software

1 May 2022

Dan O’Dowd has bankrolled his own campaign to take a swing at what he calls Elon Musk’s ‘amazingly terrible’ technology.

A California tech CEO is running for US Senate on one issue: banning Tesla’s Full Self-Driving technology

23 May 2022

California tech executive Dan O’Dowd is running for US Senate on one issue and one issue only — outlawing Tesla’s self-driving vehicles.

California tech billionaire targets Elon Musk in launch of Senate campaign

19 April 2022

California tech billionaire Dan O’Dowd announced a Democratic run for Senate on Tuesday in a campaign that will go after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s self-driving cars.

This Tech CEO Says We’re Doomed If We Don’t Secure Teslas And Infrastructure, But Only He Knows How

10 March 2022

Dan O’Dowd was not widely known until on Jan 16, he purchased a full page ad in the Sunday New York Times titled “Don’t be a Tesla Crash-Test Dummy” which was extremely critical of the deployment of Tesla’s prototype “full” self-driving test, driven by ordinary customers.

Cybersecurity: ‘To cripple UK, Putin does not need nuclear weapons’

4 February 2022

The UK’s public sector needs to be “agile” in employing the government’s new cybersecurity strategy, according to analysts, amid fears of a Russian devised cyberattack.