The Dawn Project’s latest safety tests reveal that Tesla Full Self-Driving will hit a child mannequin in a stroller.

The safety tests were conducted in a public parking lot by The Dawn Project in Santa Barbara, California in October 2022, using the latest version of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta software available at the time of testing, Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta

The testing found that Tesla Full Self-Driving will repeatedly run down a stroller in a parking lot, a common driving scenario where pedestrians are likely to be present. The tests also found that Tesla Full Self-Driving will repeatedly hit a child mannequin in a stroller on public roads.

On each run, the internal camera shows the viewer that Full Self-Driving is clearly engaged. An LED flashlight was illuminated to clearly show that the accelerator pedal was not pressed during each of the safety tests. Please note that the LED flashlight created a strobe effect with the in-car camera, which causes it appear to flash on the camera.

During the above tests, the only error message shown on the Tesla’s display reads: “Supercharging Unavailable: Add a payment method to your Tesla account”.

The Dawn Project’s safety tests confirm previous findings that Tesla Full Self-Driving represents a potentially lethal threat to child pedestrians. Our tests were conducted in real world driving scenarios on public roads, highlighting further the immediate and real danger posed to child pedestrians by Elon Musk’s dangerous and defective Full Self-Driving software.

To view the results of The Dawn Project’s safety tests, click the video below: